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FAQ - Memorial Products

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?
A: We offer the finest and fullest satisfaction guarantee in the industry: 100% Satisfaction or your money back. This guarantee applies to any product that is returned unused and that has not been personalized. That's Our Guarantee.

You can buy from us with confidence knowing that we stand behind absolutely everything that we sell.

Q: How large an urn do I need?

A: Urns do come in a variety of sizes. A general guideline is that each pound of weight of the deceased person will equal one cubic inch of ashes after cremation occurs. Thus, if the person weighed 150 pounds prior to his/her death, then you will need an urn that has the capacity to hold 150 cubic inches or more of ashes. The majority of our urns hold 200-220 cubic inches of ashes.

Small keepsake urns are often used in conjunction with a full-sized urn, or as a replacement for a full-sized urn. In such cases you should expect to be able to put a few cubic inches of cremains in each keepsake urn and then deduct that volume from any full-sized urn purchase.

Q: What type of urn is best for my needs?A: We categorize urns based on the materials from which they are constructed. Urns are available in glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and so on. Ultimately the choice of which urn is the right urn comes down largely to aesthetic considerations -- is it an urn that you find to be attractive and appropriate?

Having said that, there are some other factors to consider.

  • Marble and stone urns are extremely durable, but are also quite heavy, compared to other typical choices. The look can be a bit more formal, but they also communicate strength and endurance, and can be the perfect complement to the right memorial location.

  • Wooden urns are light, ease to engrave and personalize, traditional, and natural. The look often communicates warmth and can be quite personal. Wooden urns are fairly durable but the wood can be damaged if it is mishandled, dropped, or exposed to moisture too often.

  • Metal urns are usually made of bronze, brass, aluminum, or steel, and are the most traditional looking choices, in terms of what people often think about when they think about a "cremation urn." Metal urns are heavier than wood, lighter than stone, and come in the widest range of colors and finishes. Metal urns are very durable, though the finishes can be chipped or marred, if the urn is not handled appropriately.

  • Glass urns are the most fragile choice, but also the most distinctive and beautiful. Each glass urn is hand-blown and the vessel will look exceptional in the home, especially if it is well-lit with either natural or artificial light. All quality urns are works of art, but glass urns are especially so, and -- depending on the finish chosen -- can be among the most contemporary looking choices in funeral urns.
The ultimate decision about a funeral urn comes down to balancing the practical facts about the various options available together with the aesthetic qualities that each urn exhibits.

Q: How are packages shipped?

A: We use a combination of USPS First Class Mail and Priority Mail for lighter packages and FedEx and UPS for heavier packages, depending on location and delivery needs. Packages are sent insured and include delivery confirmation and tracking.

Q: Do you charge sales tax?
A:  No. Sales tax is not charged.

Q: Are all your products in stock?

A: We stock a vast majority of products that we carry. In some cases we utilize drop shipping from certain key manufacturers when it makes sense to do so.

Q: Do you sell wholesale?
A: Yes, we have a wholesale program for memorial businesses that qualify. Contact us for more information if you're interested in opening a wholesale account.

Q: Is my information private? 
A: Information you submit to Mr. Alfred is never sold to third parties. Information we collect is only used to process your order. For further information please see our Privacy Policy