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13pcs  watch repair tool kit clock tools

13pcs watch repair tool kit clock tools

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13pcs/set Fix the table tools watch repair tool kit clock tools

1. watch holder one (due to the relatively small watches, pinching live, so do not force, then clamped it easy to operate with a table stand)

2. Demolition tool steel strap steel strap conveniently operate (lots of different colors blue and black random)

3. arrows forceps forceps good quality small parts easier

4. advanced aluminum double batch (Round applicable to dismantle butterfly buckle strap V-shaped opening for removing installed leather strap)

5. yellow pry the lid (for the back cover to pry open the back cover to pry the watch easy to repair or replace the battery)

6. jaw open (with 18 steel teeth suitable for the replacement of rotary cover)

7. The word from the 3 (three dimensions blade width 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.4mm 1.6mm incision size random with three good practical)

8: steel strap red needles three dimensions were 0.8MM 0.9MM 1.0MM (the child seat with rice and a small hammer used to cut steel strap length)

With a lifting platform open band ,
Pry the bottom knife ,
Open table ,
Removable head of group ,
One stainless steel tweezers,
Three jaw open table GaiQi ,
Three jaw open with steel teeth a box steel (18 teeth),
The word screw batch of three (size 1.0 1.2 1.6 MM, respectively),
Steel belt rushed three 0.80.9 (1.0 MM)
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