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Joyous Hair Color Hair Dye Color Easy Temporary Non-toxic DIY Hair Mascara Color Hair Cream Color Crayon Professional Mutlicolor

Joyous Hair Color Hair Dye Color Easy Temporary Non-toxic DIY Hair Mascara Color Hair Cream Color Crayon Professional Mutlicolor

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This a temporary hair dye that can be wash off by clean water . Now we will tell you how to use this dye . First you apply the dye on your hair , then you use the hair dyer to dry your hair lightly , then lightly comb your hair .  You may apply the color you want again on your hair to make sure the color are prettier but after that you need to comb it again . If you follow these rules , you sure will look dashing in the color you chose .

Brand new and high quality.
Ingredient:Dye Cream
Item Type:Hair Color Mascara Dye Cream
Color:10 colors (colors as the product picture you see bellow).
All our hair color cream do not harm your hair.
Add a flair of color without the long-term commitment of dying.
Hair Color Cream is temporary hair color that rubs directly onto you hair, then washes out

How to apply hair color
1.Brush your hair thoroughly. Hair color works best on clean, tangle-free hair.

2.Style your hair as you wish. If you are going to wear your hair up, then go ahead and pull it up at this time.

3.Separate a small section of hair using your ring and middle finger. The section should be measured from the top layer of your hair. If your hair is pulled back, perform this step from the pony tail or bangs.

4.Streak the hair color onto the section of hair. Start as close to the roots as possible and use a smooth downward motion. If the color is not bright enough, you can repeat the streaking motion several times to get the desired results. Do not overuse the product, as you may end up with a colored spike in your hair. Remember, your goal is to create an interesting and colorful accent.

5.Select a section of hair on the other side of your head. It can be opposite the first section or in a completely different area, but it should be about the same width.

6.Streak the hair color into the new section. You should add as much hair color to this section as you did on the first.

7.Continue adding streaks of hair color. When you have as many highlights as you desire, you are now ready to head out for an exciting evening of show and glamour!


1.1 piece hair color in one package

2.pls note us the color u need owhen you order or we would send it by random,thanks

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Product features
Combining two or more of the color collocation, bring up a variety of color, use the most safe, high quality pigments and materials, ensure the product quality excellent.Colorful, gorgeous, and luminosity moderate to expert products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions of the world.High quality and natural ingredients, natural plant pigment color pen texture, delicate color, can be used as a dye hair pen substitute products!
Japan and South Korea Europe and America's got talent is special, the hair color pen is not professional hair color products, used to play, after been dyed will rub off phenomenon!Now foreign fashion of people are beginning to try to use it to make a one-off hair dyeing, effect looks good oh ~ is surely worth a try!



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