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9LED UV fluorescent lamp detection agent Fluorescent agent inspection lamp

9LED UV fluorescent lamp detection agent Fluorescent agent inspection lamp

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Fluorescent agent inspection lamp Without Battery!!

With battery status, sustainable use for 6 hours!

Health Your Life!  Accurate inspection napkins mask banknotes true and false.

Purple light inspection true and false banknotes watermark true and false.


Maximum range: 5 m

SD-105_10【 9 LED mini lights yanchao detection multifunctional flashlight fluorescent agent according to mask a torch
A switch directions for use
1, the battery to the positive itself (lamp), the cathode (tail).
2, switch on the tail, switch function Joan switch is a switch function, the light switch is dimming function.
2. Circuit board instructions
1, our flashlight to adopt advanced technology of voltage stability constant current, can effectively solve the LED flashlight for voltage constant current requirements.
2, special tips: a. do not use the overpressure, not more than 4.2 V voltage b. batteries are roots in the front, not the inverted, otherwise will burn plate c. Pay attention to control the flashlight temperature change, guarantee the cooling d. non-professional workers do not open the circuit board
3, warranty details: opened or processed PCB no longer warranty scope.
3. Lithium battery
1, the lithium battery characteristics: lithium battery and mobile phone battery charging way completely different;Lithium-ion batteries have no memory, may at any time, filling don't overcharge too.
2, charging 6 hours at least for the first time, then according to the charger the green light is ok, will not overcharge.
3, special tips to use anti overcharge, meter, prevent short circuit of the "three anti" charger,
4, do not use the battery for a long time, should to save charge, normal in about three months to charge and discharge it again;
4. The instructions on the use of the flashlight
1, the torch when use, according to the requirement of the battery and battery voltage choice, don't want disorderly use, to prevent burn out circuit board, different types, different voltage of battery don't use at the same time.
2, in use, when the brightness of the flashlight obvious changes to shut down the torch, to prevent the battery discharge.
3, heat dissipation techniques: the torch is in use process, to ensure the heat dissipation.Demanded a full charge, it's best to use second gear, doing so will help keep the torch lamp holder and battery to extend product life!The torch light direct people's eyes, can not be super bright dazzling, lest affect vision, especially for children.
5. Troubleshooting
1, check the battery: to ensure that the electric battery and install batteries in the correct direction, do not use different brands of batteries, the old and new batteries do not mix.
2, check the end cap: ensure the switch has been tight and good contact, ensure the end cap copper column and circle metal contact pressure of the end cap is good, pay attention to whether the lamp holder is loose.

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