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Elegant Eco-friendly Child/Pet Caskets-Wood Finish (Stock In US)

Elegant Eco-friendly Child/Pet Caskets-Wood Finish (Stock In US)

$ 170.00 $ 480.00


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Outer : L 34 x W 18 x H 15  Inches
Inside  : L 30.75 x W 15 x Deep 12  Inches

Outer: L 28.50 x W 14.5 x H 11.5 Inches
Inside: L 25 x W 11.25 x Deep 8  Inches

Material: Solid Wood & Biodegradable Composite Board

Delicate silk cloth with a pillow

Water resistant at least 12 months.

Super Gravity at least 200 Lbs.

Material: Solid Wood & Biodegradable Composite Board

Product Features:

“Corrugated Composite Board” is a kind of new resource-saving,  Eco-friendly material, which combines with wood-grained decorative panel for environmental protection to make coffin/casket. The final products have the features of light weight, good strength, resistance to deformation, and excellent buffer load power (<200 lbs="" the="" coffin="" casket="" inside="" is="" under="" special="" waterproof="" treatment="" and="" good="" for="" shortening="" cremation="" combustion="" time="" minimizing="" agglomeration="" maximizing="" biodegradable="" burial="" solubility="" in="" soil="" corrugated="" composite="" board="" fully="" meet="" with="" requirements="" purpose="" of="" environmental="" protection="" br="">
Usually ships same or next business day.
We will ship the Casket directly to your Funeral Home
Made by Excellent Craftsman to Highest Standards

 A fitting tribute to our little friends that give us so much love!

Thank you for looking - God Bless Them All!

Return policy:
We accept returns within 14 days from receiving date, please contact us for detail 205-9363786.


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