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Intelligent remote home Windows and doors wi-fi burglar alarm

Intelligent remote home Windows and doors wi-fi burglar alarm

$ 50.00

Have you ever forgotten to close the door when you go out in a hurry? Or do you worry that the windows are opened when nobody is at home?  Intelligent anti-theft alarm can solve your problems. This product can be installed in doors and windows at home. This anti-theft alarm needs to work with WiFi. It can remind you when you forget to close your door by the phone call even though it is under a long distant controlled. If you install the application, you can even check when or who have opened or closed the door. SIM card is no necessary. Overall, YD001 security alarm is a satisfactory and convenient product. If you want to have a better and safer life, just buy it!

Brand: N/A
Quantity: 1 Piece
Color: White
Material: ABS
- Usage
1. Stick the alarm and the magnetic strip on the door and the doorframe respectively (the space between them should less than 1.5cm and they don't need in the same horizontal plane), and stick them correctly (logo upside and button at the bottom)
2. Download "dding smart" APP, then press the button until the blue LED flash and enter the network configuration; Connect the corresponding Wi-Fi and chose the setting place
3. Turn ON/OFF: press the button, blue LED means ON; and press the button again, red LED means OFF

- Features:
Working principle: low consumption Wi-Fi
Lithium battery: 400mAh
Wi-Fi chip: MXCHIP EMW3162 uses the Easy-link technology
Charging time: 2~3 hours
Working time: 3 months (such as close/open the door 10 times every day)
Demand: The alarm will work when Wi-Fi is open, do not support 5G network. APP supports iOS 6.0 above version, Android 2.3 above version except Windows phone
Function: Telephone remote reminder, door close reminder, APP real-time checks door open/close records
SIM card is no needed, free telephone bill, convenient to use, long standby time

- Notices:
1. The product must work with Wi-Fi, when the network is break off, the real-time information will be storage in the devices and synchronized to the phone APP when the network recovery
2. You are highly recommended to name the number "dding smart" instead of "4006414123", which is in order to avoid dropped calls

Packing List
1 x Security alarm
1 x Magnetic stripe
1 x USB charging cable (77cm)
2 x Installation stickers

From China Free Shipping :15-20 Days


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